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WizIQ vs. BigBlueButton vs. Congrea

Many educators are interested to know about various Virtual Class software’s and difference among them. We have reviewed leading Virtual Class software’s like WizIQ and BigBlueButton and compared their features with Congrea.

Comparison Table

Open Source5Not Available5
Cloud Service55Not Available
Browser Based534
Tablet Support23.52.5
Mobile SupportNot Available3.52.5
Text Editor5Not AvailableNot Available
Youtube Sharing55Not Available
Presentation Sharing4Not Available3
Screen Sharing543
Group/Private chat443
Recording and Playback445
Live Video545
Live Presence522
Theme/color scheme.533



  • Good Whiteboard
  • Online support available
  • Supports Mobile
  • YouTube sharing
  • Create Polls


  • Screen sharing requires a separate application to be installed.
  • No collaborative editors
  • No presentation sharing
  • Not Open Source
  • Recorded session is available only after some time (2 or 3 hours)

WizIQ is an established software with online support available to its customers. It has good whiteboard tool. Screen sharing may require preparation and installation of some software’s. Having a cloud service makes it easier for customers to use WizIQ but as source code is not available, branding it, making changes or running Wiziq in the local or specialized environment becomes impossible.



  • Good audio and video support
  • Easy Interface
  • Open source and customizable
  • Supports Mobile
  • Flexible recording feature
  • Create Polls
  • Presentation sharing


  • Screen share does not support chrome but works in firefox with flash
  • No YouTube Sharing
  • No collaborative editors
  • Whiteboard is too simple, lacks features
  • Recorded session is available only after some time (2 or 3 hours)

Bigbluebutton is established, and wide community supported software. It has good, flexible interface and also has good audio and video support but scaling to a higher number of concurrent users becomes a challenge. Whiteboard is too simple, and screen share does not work in Google Chrome as it uses Flash. Being open source, branding it, making changes or running BigBlueButton in the local or specialized environment is possible but the lack of having a cloud service makes using BigBlueButton a challenge and if you have over 20 concurrent users, scaling it becomes too costly or difficult.



  • Collaborative Editors
  • YouTube sharing
  • Browser based screen sharing
  • Html5 presentation sharing
  • Open source and customizable
  • Easy Interface
  • Live Presence
  • Recording and Playback


  • Lack of live videos
  • Does not support creating polls
  • Does not support mobile

Congrea is standalone software that can be integrated with other software’s. It has some unique features and offers high-quality content. Lack of live videos might want you to consider other software’s but it does have a live presence which is what most people require. Having a cloud service makes it easier for customers to use Congrea and as source code is available, branding it, making changes or running Congrea in the local or specialized environment is also possible.


WizIQ and BigBlueButton are established softwares and have live video feature and on the other hand, Congrea is a new kid in the town which is based on new technologies which allow it to offer unique features not present in other tools.

In the end, before you select any tool you must try it with your users as some tools degrade in performance as the number of students increase.