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Congrea Docs

What is Congrea

Congrea is an online learning environment to facilitate real time Interaction between users. With Congrea, users can see each other, collaborate in an editor, talk & discuss, chat, use whiteboard, share screen, youtube, presentation, all in high quality.

How to use Congrea

Hardware prerequisites

Congrea can be installed as an activity in Moodle. Below are the prerequisites for the same:-

  1. Desktop-
    1. Firefox 34
    2. Chrome 40
    3. Opera 27
    4. Safari is supported for viewers only.
      Note:IE is not supported.
  2. Tablet-
    1. iPad (IOS) : Safari (Partial Support) for viewers only.
    2. Android : Chrome (Partial Support) for viewers only.
  3. Audio-Visual interaction-
    1. Webcam
    2. Microphone
    3. Speaker

Connection of microphone and webcam needs to be allowed in browsers

In Firefox

In Chrome

Plugin dependency

Get Key is required to run Congrea. It can be installed using below steps:-

  1. Download Get Key from the(
  2. In Moodle, go to Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins and upload downloaded Get Key zip file here.
  3. Click on “install plugin from the ZIP file” button.
  4. Click on “Continue” and “Upgrade Moodle database now” button.
  5. If already have API key then save it, otherwise request for new key through the interface of Getkey.

How to install Congrea

Download Congrea from (Congrea in Moodle)

  1. In Moodle, go to Site administration -> Plugins -> Install plugins and upload the downloaded Congrea zip file here.
  2. Click on “install plugin from the ZIP file” button.
  3. Click on “Continue” and “Upgrade Moodle database now” button.
  4. Select the option to chose from where to serve Congrea Application : Online or Local and save changes.
  5. Now Congrea will be available as an activity in moodle.

Congrea setting


With local mode, Congrea code serve from user’s Moodle, It requires SSL for features like screen sharing, recording etc. Local mode provide flexibility to customize the code as per requirement.


In online, Congrea serve from Congrea module cannot be customized.

How to use Congrea as an activity in Moodle

After installing Congrea in Moodle the same can be used as an activity.

  1. Choose the course in which Congea activity needs to be added.
  2. Turn editing On and click on ‘Add An Activity’ button.
  3. Select Congrea from popup-window.
  4. On setting page, select teacher or click on “Anyone can be moderator” and schedule for session by mentioning the valid open and closed session dates.
    NOTE : Selected teacher will be the “Moderator” for all the sessions in that activity
  5. Select Color: With this option the color scheme for the activity can be selected.
  6. Enable/disable Audio and Push to talk as required.
  7. Save and return to course.
  8. Now the activity Congrea has been added to the course.
  9. Select the Congrea and click on “Join virtual class room” button.

Add-on and SSL certificate required for Screen Sharing

In Chrome

Screen share application requires ‘Desktop Selector’ add-on.This add-on can be downloaded through the button provided on activity page or through the link below

In Firefox,

Screen share application requires “ff_screenshare”, This add-on can be downloaded from

To run this feature, the application also requires the SSL certificate.

Users type in Congrea

In Congrea there can be three roles for a user:-

  1. Moderator
  2. Viewer
  3. Presenter

Moderator has access to the toolbar through which the session can be navigated from one application to another and can close the session when required. He has access to microphone and both private and group chat, and can block these feature for other participants.

Viewer can only see the workings on his screen. He can use his microphone along with private and group chat if he has permission from moderator.

Presenter comes in action when moderator transfers his role to any of the viewer. A presenter has access to all the features on toolbar except the option to close the session.

Note:- There “Teacher” word is using instead of “Moderator” in interface. “Teacher” and “Moderator” is same Role.

Anyone can be moderator

After selecting this option in the Congrea settings, all the users who have joined the session get a green button on top of their screen. The green button is named as “Become moderator”. This button appears to all the users who have joined the session until anyone has clicked on the same to become Moderator of that session.

Below are the special features of this mode:-

  1. Even the student in the course can become Moderator.
  2. If the moderator leave the virtual class by closing his window, the button “ Become a Moderator” become active again. The users still online can click this button to become Moderator

Congrea doesn’t support hardware sharing

If your CPU-hardware is being shared among multiple users, it behaves as if multiple users are attending the same session in same computer. This can be a problem for Congrea, because single hardware means single user. In real scenario, if there are multiple users with different monitor in same cpu from different login account.


  1. Editor:

    1. Text Editor :It’s a collaborative editor where users can work on same document and can see each other’s cursors. Content gets synchronized with all users in real time. This feature can be used to write, align and format the text, along with the option to insert image using its url.
    2. Code Editor : This is a collaborative editor for markdown mode.

      Both the editors have button on top right to enable/disable all the users.

    Enable/disable editor : For text and code editors, the moderator can switch a user from write mode to read only mode. This can be done with the option available in online user box on bottom right.

  2. Whiteboard:Using this feature presenter can add different shapes, insert text, draw freehand and can also move or resize the objects. The screen can be cleared using ‘clear all’ button.
  3. Screen share:The desired application/window can be shared. All this performs on lower bandwidth.

    In Firefox

    In Chrome
  4. Youtube Video share:This feature shares high quality videos from YouTube using its URL. The URL of YouTube Video needs to be copied and pasted in the box mentioning “Enter YouTube video url” and click on “Share YouTube Video” button.
    Presenter can pause, seek forward or backward and all actions will be propagated to all users. It comes with all youtube goodness.
  5. Share Presentation:With this feature you can share the HTML5 presentation made from using reveal.js or The presentation can be shared with everyone just by using its url. :Copy the presentation url from shown in screenshot below) and paste in the “Enter HTML5 Presentation Url” box and click on “submit” button. The presenter can move the slides in any direction.

    Reveal.js :Upload online, the HTML5 presentation made from reveal.js, copy its url and paste it in Congrea.

    1. Click on share button to open URL
    2. Copy URL to paste at presentation application on Congrea and share presentation
  6. Chat: Congrea, provides for both private and group chat. Moderator can enable or disable this feature for any user. Private chat can be started with any user by clicking on his name in online user box.
  7. Audio:Two way audio interaction can also be done. Earphone and microphones can be connected and tested through audio widget which is available at top right side. This feature can be enabled or disabled for any user by moderator.
    Push To Talk feature allows a user to be audible, even when his audio is off. The user needs to push this button and speak, to transmit the relevant audio.
  8. Session Close:The power button on toolbar is to close the session
  9. Save and replay:After closing any session, there will come an option to save the session.”Yes” option needs to be selected to save the session.

    The saved sessions appear on the activity page and can be replayed from the play button, below the ‘action’ heading adjacent to it.

    1. Play the saved sessions
    2. Downloaded files can be uploaded here, to play like other sessions

    When session is not saved

    Sometimes, when the session is not saved, it can be downloaded. Box shown below will appear on Moderator screen. The downloaded file can be uploaded on the Congrea activity page using the Upload recorded file” button (as shown in above screenshot)

  10. Role transfer: The moderator can give the toolbar control to any user to make him the presenter. This can be done with the arrow button adjacent to username in the online user list. As shown in figure

    Roler transfer

    When the control is transferred,the presenter gets control only on the toolbar but not to close the session. The moderator can reclaim control from presenter using the arrow mark on left top of his screen.

  11. Footer user controls:The online user box contain many options and indications for both viewer and moderator.
    The moderator can enable/disable the audio, chat and editor for other users. He can also transfer the role to any user using the arrow button in this box.
    For users, this box shows the features enabled to other users.
    If the chat option is enabled for any user, the chat icon will appear green to other users adjacent to his name in online users box.
    Similarly if any user is speaking something, the audio button adjacent to his name will blink green. If audio is enabled and user is not speaking this button appear orange.
    This helps other users to know who is speaking, when they hear any voice.

    Audio, Chat and Editor are disabled

    Audio, Chat and Editor are enabled

    Role transferred. User2 is Presenter
  12. Mute All:This option is available with moderator above the online user box to disable the audio feature for all the users who are online.

Online Demo

The virtual class online demo is available at