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How does congrea work?
Congrea requires server backend to function. You may either use our cloud service or setup your server using our open source Node.js based server.
Is Congrea suitable for production use?
If you ask developers, then yes! But honestly, Congrea is a new software and like any new software, it may contain bugs. We have a very active development and support team so be assured that if you encounter a bug, we will try to fix it quickly.
Is congrea secure?
Yes, we use SSL based security. It is same security as used by banks for online credit card transactions.
What about our user’s privacy, what kind of data is stored on Congrea’s servers?
Congrea’s servers are only used for communication. They assist in moving data packets from a user to another; this data is never stored on the server. Your recordings are also never stored on our servers, they are either uploaded to your website (or Moodle) or is downloaded on your computer.
What will I get in the Trial version?
In Trial version, you’ll get complete Congrea Solution for the online virtual classroom.
Is it possible to run Congrea locally, without the internet?
Yes, it’s possible to run locally. For this, you need to setup Congrea with our open source node.js server.
Do you provide Demo or Trial?
Yes, we offer both Demo and Trial
What if I need a feature not present in Congrea?.
Congrea is customizable and open source software. You can develop the new functionality according to your requirement, or you can hire us for this.
Will Congrea always be the open-source software?
The source code for Congrea always will be open-source.
Does Congrea support Tablets and Mobiles?
Congrea supports Tablets for student and does not support for mobile.
Prerequisites to conduct/attend a session
1) Latest Browsers(Chrome, Firefox)
2) Web Cam and Mic (For video and audio)