Edge Locations

All users directly connect with our Edge locations. Edge infrastructure is responsible for transmission of data between connected users. Typically a teacher or presenter transmits data to one of these edge locations and then that data is immediately transmitted to all connected users in the session. If cloud recording is enabled, Edge location will also transmit all received data to Core Infrastructure for storage. All communication is end-to-end is encrypted. Edge Infrastructure has a store-nothing policy which means that it cannot store any data that it receives.


Core Infrastructure

Core Infrastructure is typically used for storage and processing. We exclusively use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our Core infrastructure. Most of the storage happens on AWS S3 and is encrypted. When a document or media is uploaded using Congrea, it directly gets saved here and is automatically processed and converted into desired web format. Cloud recording (if enabled) is also stored and processed here. When any data is needed to be retrieved by a user, it is typically served over using AWS CloudFront after a layer of authentication. All communication is end-to-end is encrypted.