Congrea's Suite of Tools

Congrea is a fully browser based open source virtual classroom suite of tools designed to enable engaged learning. Developed using new technology, Congrea is packed with handy teaching tools in a friction-less design

High quality audio video interaction

Control over participant’s activities

Designed to fill in the learning gaps!

Dynamic features to enable interactive learning

Best in class scalability and data security

Specifically curated to cater the needs of educators & learners

Simple yet efficient user interface

Entitling your learners while saving your time

No limitations on the runtime of a particular session

Hesitant on adopting an online virtual classroom, lets rethink with Congrea!

Safe & Secure

All classroom sessions are encrypted end to end via SSL. It works on standard 443 port along with proxies and firewalls while maintaining encryption.


Being an open source application, Congrea can be modified to cater the needs of different type of users.


Being a browser based application, Congrea is fast and extremely lightweight solution. It’s independency on flash technology and simple user interface makes the experience even better.

Highly scalable

Congrea is designed from ground up with scalability being a top priority, it is able to efficiently expand with increasing workload. Congrea has been tested and proven to be one of the best concurrent virtual classroom, with a  capability to scale to thousands of users at a time.

Cost Effective

Congrea’s charges are independent of the number of parallel rooms being used. Our cloud service has a simple per-user pricing and you get a free room with every 10 users which can save a significant cost where multiple rooms are required.

Easy to fit-in

Congrea has been designed in such a way that it gets easily integrated with any other third party software, enabling you to have a hassle free data transmission.

Browser based application, built on Javascript and HTML5

Come and witness the change in modern education

Take your free trial today and get $160 off on your first order, you can either have 10 users for a year or 100 users for a month.

Our Aim: Satisfied Customers!

We found Congrea a very competitive and scalable product for hosting the multiple classrooms with a significant number of participants. Another biggest advantage is that it’s lightweight and based on a module design.

The biggest edge I see of using Congrea is that team had almost spent 5 years and have put in significant efforts in building and stabilizing it. It’s robust and scalable architecture give another level of comfort that it can be customized for any specific requirement.

Ajay Kumar
CTO | TalentEdge