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Open Source

We are open: Fork us on GitHub

Javascript based front end application and node.js based backend server are available under GPL license. Commercial Support is available if required.

Congrea Core / Front end application

Congrea Core mainly consists Javascript based application that runs on end user’s browser. At Congrea, we try to offload all possible processing to the browser as this reduces the load on Congrea Server and increases overall stability and performance. Audio/Video is captured using WebRTC, which is built in modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Congrea Server

Congrea Server is mainly Node.js based server. It can be deployed in any network, be it local campus LAN or The Internet. This server is responsible for interconnectivity between all users and to exchange all communication between them. You can get the source code for Node.js Server.

We can handle all complexity related to servers. Please visit our Cloud service for more information.

Congrea Moodle Integration

We have created a module for Moodle that integrates Congrea with it. Please visit Moodle-integration for more information.

You can get the module from Here.