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Collaborative Editor

Why work alone. This feature enable various users to engage on a common editor. Content is synchronized with all the users in real time. You can format the text, add images and choose the participants to work together


An extremely light think-pad to shape your ideas. You can draw images, insert text and align the content as desired. it captures the mouse movements, making the session more interactive.

Youtube Sharing

The YouTube video can be shared with all the users, using its URL. Videos are directly streamed from YouTube server maintaining its high quality. Actions like forward, backward, pause and play will propagate to all the users.

Share Your Screen

You can share the desired application/windows with all other users. It does not require any third party plugin. All this performs on lower bandwidth.

Recording and PlayBack

The live session can be recorded for later playback. The quality of Recorded session is at par with the Live session.

Private and Group Chat

Chat is the communication tool for text talk. You can Chat in the group or one to one with other participants.

HTML5 Presentation Sharing

HTML5 presentations can be used for high quality real time sharing. Even small text, mathematical formulas, shapes, slides, images, videos and everything is shared in high quality. It will never go blur, even on biggest screens.

Audio-Visual Interaction

Webcam and Microphones can be connected to enhance the user involvement.

Moodle Integrated

Congrea can be integrated as a module in Moodle. It can be used as an Activity.