Congrea is a new generation scalable, open source online virtual classroom environment. It has been packaged with several value added features such as, audio-video interaction, chat, poll, quiz, collaborative editor and much more. Congrea also enhances the user experience by allowing the users to share media, documents or even screen with their fellow participants. It has been designed to enable real time knowledge flow in all the categories of institutions such as, school, college and corporate organizations.

Its unique feature of getting integrated with other software makes it an easily acceptable and reliable product. Moreover, Congrea provides a safe platform to its users, as all the end to end communications are encrypted via SSL. Being an open source application, Congrea is highly customizable and can be modified according to the different requirements of the user. It’s a lightweight, browser based application and has no dependency on Flash. Also, Congrea’s cloud services are offered from twelve different locations across the globe.



Congrea has a very basic hardware requirement which includes,

  • Quad-core processor with minimum 4GB RAM
  • Camera
  • Microphone

*Note- If a person owns a system (e.g. Laptop) wherein the build in camera is either damaged or its picture quality needs to be enhanced then the person will have a choice to add in another external camera to the system which can be enabled in the settings section of Congrea.


Software requirements for Congrea includes,

  • Latest version of modern browser (e.g. Google Chrome)

Understanding the UI

Before understanding the UI one must note that Congrea is meant for two type of users, i.e., presenter and learner. Presenter will be the person, having all the access over the different features of the application, However, learner will have limited access as well as different look and feel of the application.

Once you login to Congrea as a learner, you will land to a page which will look like the screenshot below.

Video Block

 Microphone:  Click here to mute or unmute the conversation. In addition, your presenter will also have the control over the usage of your microphone
 Camera:  Click here to enable and disable the camera for real time virtual interaction. However, the presenter can choose to disable or enable your video interaction through the control over your camera

 Settings:  Click here to change your personal settings of the classroom

  • The Bulk User Action section will have the options to enable/disable the audio and video access for learners.
  • Under the General section, you can validate the app prerequisites by clicking the start button
  • In the Media section you can change the audio input, audio output and video input.

View Settings

Zoom in
Zoom out

Fit to screen

 Reload: Click here to reload your current document or white board

 Connectivity : This icon aids in understanding the bandwidth of your network. The colour of this icon changes with the speed of your internet, wherein Green reflects good connectivity, Yellow means satisfactory, Orange means poor and Red denotes no connectivity

 Users : Click to display the list of online users

 Chat Room : Click here to send a common message to the whole class

 Hand Raise :  If you have any query, click on this icon. Presenter will get a notification about your hand raise and he/she can then clear out your query through chat

Additional Features

Collaborative Editor

Your presenter may allow you to participate in the collaborative text editing session. Once permitted you can use the toolbar and can write anything over the text editor, you can also choose font, size, colour and alignment of the text. To add a picture just click on the Image icon present on the toolbar, add the URL and click submit to upload it.


Presenter can run a poll anytime during the classroom session. However, you will get notified before it gets started. The closing of poll can be either controlled via instructor (presenter) or by a preset timer. If it says that “teacher may close the poll anytime” then it is being controlled through the instructor, else via timer.


The Presenter can also run a random quiz which you will get notified before it starts. The questions presented will be in multiple choice format. After clicking the answer of a question you can click next to view other questions of the quiz. You can also change your answers by clicking on the question numbers present on the top.

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