Installing Congrea

  • Download Congrea’s Plug-in
  • Login to your Moodle  , under the “Administration” section go to “Site  Administration ” and click Plugins. Now select “Install Plugins”
  • Upload the downloaded Zip  file of Congrea and click “Install plugin from the ZIP file” and press “Continue”


  • Now add API and Secret key and click Save changes

  • You will now get enabled to use Congrea for your real time virtual classroom by adding it as an activity in your course

How to add Congrea as an activity?

*Note : The below section is explained using the “Clean” theme of Moodle.

  • Select the course, where you want to add Congrea as an activity
  • Click Turn editing on, present on the top right side of your screen
  • Click Add an activity or resource, present in the top right section
  • Now select Congrea from the selection menu and add it as an activity
  • You will now get directed to Adding a new Congrea section, here you can change the settings of your activity

Select teacher – You can choose and assign the teacher for your Congrea’s activity from all the teachers of the course

Change other settings such as Schedule the duration of your activity and competencies and then click Save and display to view the activity

To reschedule the session in the same activity follow the below path
Turn editing on > Edit settings (of the activity) > Schedule for session > Change date and time > Save and return to course

Joining Congrea's Session

The teacher selected under Congrea settings will have the presenter access for all the sessions in that activity, while all other course participants will join with student permissions.

  • Once you login to your Moodle go to your course and click on the Congrea’s activity
  • Click Join virtual classroom and you will be directed to the Congrea’s session

Exclusive features of Congrea on Moodle

Apart from the several dynamic features of Congrea, you can also realise its other capabilities that are exclusively available through using it on Moodle.

Publish and review Quiz

The main prerequisite for publishing a quiz on congrea is a plugin named Quiz, which should be added on your course from Add an activity or resource section.

How to publish the quiz?

  • Add the desired quiz to your course using the Quiz plugin
  • Join the Congrea’s classroom
  • Click on the quiz option from the applications toolbar
  • Publish your quiz

How to review the quiz report on Moodle?

  • Go to your Congrea’s activity then follow the below path,  Administration > Course administration > Quiz report

*Note : Congrea only supports Multiple choice questions for the quiz

Run a Poll and review the report

How to run a poll?

  • Join the Congrea’s virtual classroom and select poll
  • You can either run a course poll or a site poll. Course poll will be available for all the  activities of that course, whereas site poll will stay available for all the Congrea activities of all the courses
  • After selecting the type of poll, click on the add new to add the question of your poll
  • Add your question and its different options and click publish
  • Update the Poll settings and publish it

How to review the Poll report on Moodle?

  • Go to your Congrea’s activity then follow the below path,  Administration > Course administration > Poll report

Run Multiple session on a single Congrea activity

Once you add Congrea, you can run several sessions in different timings on the single activity i.e., there in no limit on the amount of session taking place in Congrea (of course the sessions must be timed differently) .

Record and play classroom sessions

  • Once the presenter end a classroom session he/she will be asked to save the session, and can click yes to save it as a recording
  • As you can run several sessions on the single activity, you can also save all the session recordings and maintain a repository for your classroom
  • To play your saved session, go to your activity and click on the session you want to play
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