Congrea for Education

This plan is designed for educational institutions. To qualify, your institution must be a K–12 or higher non-profit educational institution, accredited by an accepted accreditation body.

$ 100 / month

  • 50 concurrent sessions,
    unlimited hosts and rooms
    Only concurrent sessions are limited to 50. There is no limit on hosts or rooms. More concurrent sessions can be purchased as addon units.
  • 500 total users
    A total of 500 users, spread over in multiple concurrent sessions, or in a single one, flexible as per your needs. More users can be purchased as addon units.
  • 500 GB Cloud storage
    Cloud storage is used for storing documents, videos and session recordings. More storage can be purchased with Extra Storage Addon.
  • Cloud Recording
    Your sessions are recorded in cloud. Recordings are available instantly.
  • Reporting
    Various reports such as attendance etc are available.
  • Optional Addon Units
    Buy extra units, each consisting of 10 rooms, 100 users and 100GB of storage for $20/month.
  • Optional Extra Storage
    Buy extra storage, 500 GB for $100/month or 3000 GB for $500/month.

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