Within the last decade competition has double folded and so has the need of upskilling ones craft. Be it a student or professional, traditional training has started becoming more of a history due to constraint of time and physical availability of a trainer. Thanks to the rise of e-learning which has made seamless flow of knowledge a practical and achievable concept. Online training is an outcome of e-learning and has allowed trainers and learners to get connected with each other irrespective of their physical location.

Several tools including video conferencing and virtual classrooms are present today to run an online training session. Both the tools sound similar but in reality they are way apart from each other. The features and functionalities offered by a virtual classroom are more defined and are specifically designed for the learning process. Be it an interactive whiteboard, online quiz or poll, virtual classrooms offer better tools to enhance the learning process. Considering such factors one can give a handful benefits of using virtual classrooms for online training sessions, so here are the top three benefits that one can realise using virtual classrooms. 


    1. Enhanced interaction and engagement

One of the major challenges for an online training session is to achieve the level of  engagement and interaction attained in the regular classrooms. Virtual classrooms are designed in a way that they give the feel of a traditional classroom. They offer a variety of collaborative tools such as audio video sharing, whiteboard, text editor and public chat. Apart from interaction and collaboration, trainers can also make the sessions more engaging by using tools like youtube video sharing , document sharing and interactive presentation sharing


    2. Quick and easy document management

Virtual classrooms are equipped with document dashboards which are used as a repository to upload and manage the files required for the session. This solves the major bottleneck of access to information on a virtual platform. Using the dashboard trainers can build their document repository to deliver a smooth and planned training session. The trainer can sequence the files and can even hide and delete pages of a particular document to maintain the accuracy of the session. 


    3. Assessment and reporting tool

A trainer can easily assess the learners in a traditional classroom but with the new features of virtual classrooms the same can be achieved in the online trainings. Virtual classrooms comes with features like online quiz and poll, using which a trainer can easily assess and collect the opinions of learners respectively. With the addition of reporting tools analysing several factors like attendance, learning outcomes and overall efficiency of the session can also be realised in a virtual classroom. These powerful tools can elevate the outcome of a training session by increasing the overall transparency of the learning process. 


In addition to the above mentioned points there are some other considerable benefits offered by a virtual classroom which includes custom branding or personalisation, more defined session controls for trainers and full fledged session recordings for self paced learning. Considering the list it won’t be wrong to say that one can deliver a more effective training session using virtual classroom than any other software.

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