“Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it” ~ Unknown, Well that explains the power of educators in empowering their learners. The process of educating someone requires a seamless knowledge transfer along with an expertise in the field, yet what matters the most is how much a learner is actually grabbing out of it. Be it a traditional classroom or a virtual one, study material always aid in the overall process of learning

It is considered that maintaining and providing study material in a traditional classroom is simpler as compared to the virtual classroom. However, with the need of the hour being anywhere and anytime learning, virtual classrooms are becoming more of a necessity. 

But what if I tell you that sharing, maintaining and controlling study material or documents in a virtual classroom is even simpler with the new age software like Congrea which comes with a document dashboard. Yes, you can easily convert this dashboard into your kind of document library or repository by simply uploading your documents (of various formats) and sequencing them the way you want it. Congrea provides dashboards for textual, video and presentation files wherein you can upload the documents in a fraction of time. The dashboard not only provides you a space to access all your uploaded documents but also sequence them in your own way. You can index your files, hide the pages of a particular document and delete the files which will not be used in your session. 

Another advantage of using document dashboard is that the documents once uploaded and indexed, stays in the same sequence for your next session. This not only saves your time but also makes it easier for the you to provide similar session for different set of students. 

Some educators have faced the issue of keeping the class on hold while uploading the documents, whereas in Congrea educators can reap the benefit of planning and organising their session in advance by creating their library even before the students join the session. And guess what, Congrea doesn’t charge for the time that educator spends in planning their session. 

Sharing documents in a virtual classroom also allows you to save the environment, what!, by not using paper…duh!. Jokes apart, with the redefined virtual classrooms like Congrea one can completely make learning an effective process and with document dashboard in place it makes sure you reap the maximum benefits out of it. So next time someone says that managing documents in a virtual classroom is not simple, make them use Congrea.

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